Delivering Larger Data Storage Capacity


Nizar Ben Neji in a deep discussion at the GIST Tech-I 2013 competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Nizar Ben Neji, 33, has more than eight years of experience in the information technology industry as a computer engineer. A year ago, he started Smarter++ from the concept that smarter consumers need smarter ways of communicating. Smarter++ offers two business to consumer (B2C) products: QR++ codes and a SmartCatalog.

QR++ offers larger data storage capacity for audio, video, images, and text without internet access. This product is ideal for storing readable data and multimedia items used for marketing and B2C relationships.

SmartCatalog is an interactive PDF catalogue that allows customers to build their own catalogs without a designer and with only a basic set of computer skills. Ultimately, he hopes the services will allow businesses take on more customers and drive more sales while Smarter++ stays ahead of its competition by consistently providing new and unique technological concepts.

Nizar said that many successes and failures, no matter how insignificant, contributed to his overall success. Smarter++ was a participant at the GIST Tech-I 2013 competition finals at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Malaysia. “The GIST mentorship was very rewarding and valuable,” he said. “The CRDF Global team showed a lot of competency and professionalism.” His other hobbies and interests include woodworking, origami, and miniature car collecting.


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