The of Indonesia


Natali Ardianto pitching for the win at the GIST Tech-I competition in Dubai.

Natali Ardianto, 34, has been interested in technology since he was in fourth grade and learning code programs since middle school. As chairman of the computer club at his highschool, he also joined the Indonesia Computer Olympic Team.

Natali now supports his full-time career as an entrepreneur with 20 years of programming experience and three successful internet startups. His most recent project,, is a website that allows users to book flights, trains, and hotels, as well as order concert and movie tickets, all in one integrated portal; a web service common in many countries, but almost unheard of in Indonesia., has become a worldwide success. Along with winning the 2012 GIST Tech-I Competition, also won first place at the BUBU Awards in 2013, Teklom Indigo Fellowship Award in 2012, and the ASEAN ICT Awards that same year. Natali’s site has been featured by Marketing Magazine, Bloomberg, and Businessweek among others.

Natali says he believes in the wisdom of the crowd and that while he doesn’t have a specific role model, he gives thanks to all the investors and mentors that have helped him along the way. Natali is also the co-initiator of the biggest startup community in Indonesia, #StartupLokal, which has helped nurture Indonesia’s startup ecosystem over the past four years.


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