Hanan Khader’s Real Success with Aqar-Estate.com

Hanan KhaderProgrammer turned business-woman, Hanan Khader is the 2013 winner of GIST’s Demo Day in Amman, Jordan. Khader’s journey started when she realized that there weren’t any trusted online websites dedicated to real estate in her region. From there, she went on to develop Aqar-Estate.com.

With the support of her family, Khader was able to launch Aqar Estate in 2008. She then was able to secure a seed investment from Oasis500 and by 2013, the company broke even.

Using the freemium and premium paid subscription model. Aqar-Estate.com helps users buy and sell properties, find suitable housing, and discover the price of their property.

Khader’s outstanding ambition is exactly what has contributed to her company’s success. She describes growth to be her motivation, stating, “[a]t the beginning, all what kept me motivated is looking after the growth mystery. Once I found it, my life became a ready-to-go rocket, I want to keep going until seeing it happening.”