Spreading the Flame of Education

Eneza means “to spread” in Kiswahili, and with the goal of affecting 50 million kids across rural Africa, Chris Asego and Eneza Education are looking to live up to their name. Based in Kenya, Eneza is a simple education platform that utilizes technology already in place to help combat the logistical, infrastructural, and economic constraints that exist in rural Kenya.

Mobile technology is spreading quickly. And even in the developing world, nearly all students have access to SMS (Text) messaging in some way. Through Eneza, students will have the opportunity to receive lessons, take tests and interact with media through SMS, web, or mobile web. This form of distribution is exciting because it takes advantage of an infrastructure already in place, in contrast with the struggling physical infrastructure of Kenya.

In Kenya, more than 65% of students abandon school after primary school, opting for lives as subsistence farmers or slum laborers. Perhaps a bigger problem than infrastructural limitations are economical limitations. Eneza’s approach provides students with free access to all of their programs, allowing for a high adoption rate. The program instead gets paid by schools and organizations implementing the education. Eneza’s electronic platform also allows for schools to pay less than they would for comparable physical materials.

All parties benefit from their simple, cost-effective strategy. This is why you should watch for Eneza as they spread across Africa and into other rural parts of the world, working to better global education.

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2 thoughts on “Spreading the Flame of Education

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